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Learn how to effectively communicate from the comfort of your own home in an easy to follow online workshop by
Shereen Mitwalli

Online Public Speaking & Presenting Masterclass

improve Improve Your Public Speaking Skills and Learn to
Facilitate and Teach Online Today!

Do you ever experience stage fright?

Are sweaty palms, nausea or a racing heartbeat common before a presentation?

Do you get anxiety while interacting with an audience?

Do you struggle with structuring your presentation?

How many opportunities have you lost in the past because your fear of public speaking got in the way?

Do you struggle in making an impact?

Is your earning potential limited because you cannot communicate effectively?

According to Forbes, the top communication skill that is recognized in a work place is public speaking. It is a skill, which enhances your professional value by a remarkable 50%!

An increasing number of academic institutions are moving all of their classes online as an alternative to in-class learning during crisis. As a teacher/educator, how prepared are you?

How can you get your students to engage, and stay engaged online?

How can you ensure online class participation?

“A life changing masterclass. So honoured to have been part of it. You think you know enough and then something like this comes along and completely changes your view of even the way you speak, stand and confidence.”

Diji Shujahi


“All speaking is public speaking, whether it’s to one person or a thousand.”

Course Details

The art of effective communication with an audience is called public speaking. Usually projected as a person communicating in a formal manner to an individual or a group of people, it is closely allied to presenting, although the later is more often associated in commercial interests.

 A public speaker and presenter focuses on directly speaking to a live audience in a structured manner in order to:

inform, influence and entertain.

In this master class, we will study the principles of public speaking and presenting through theories and exceptional interactive practices.

The formal study of public speaking began approximately 2,500 years ago in Greece and Rome to train citizens to participate in social discussions. The ancient Greeks highly valued public political participation, where public speaking was a crucial tool.

Currently, presentation skills separate the leaders from the rest. Powerful communication and presentation skills still rank highest amidst our soft skills in order to leave a lasting impression and connect efficiently. History stands witness that every successful leader has also been an exceptional orator. The ability to motivate, persuade, impact and create win-win relationships is a vital and powerful tool, particularly in today’s complex and increasingly connected world.

Course Modules & Lessons

Brief introduction about the Public Speaking and Presenting Masterclass by Shereen Mitwalli
Confidence Conquering Fear 7 Steps to Eliminate Stage Fright
Making the First Impression
Visual Aids
Delivery 8 Must Knows for Effective Delivery
Audience Engagement

All the great speakers were bad speakers at first.

Wouldn't you like to...

Enjoy every presentation or speech you deliver

Inspire and motivate people

Impress your bosses, customers and suppliers

Speak with ease on occasions of personal and social importance

Grow your career

Deliver online teachings efficiently and effectively.

What you will learn?​

How to build confidence

How to eliminate stage fright

How to build content

How to improve your first impression

How to improve your delivery

How to story tell

How to use visual aid seamlessly

How to influence your audience

Key ingredients for success

Builds self confidence

Develops your personality

Strengthens leadership skills

Makes you an effective communicator

Makes you socially comfortable

Ability to persuade and influence an audience

Increases income potential

Who should attend?

CEO’s, Directors and Managers

Professionals from all sectors

Instructors from all sectors, Professors and Teachers


Anyone who wishes to eliminate stage fright

Anyone who wishes to work on building confidence and develop personality

Aspiring Public Speakers and Presenters

Your words can make you rich.

Online Public Speaking & Presenting Masterclass

How It Works

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2. Credentials

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3. Resources

9+ hours of videos, online workbook and exercises


Complete the course modules and download the online certificate

5. Replay

Watch the course videos again and again and take down notes for your easy reference

There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave.
The one you practiced,
The one you gave, And
The one you wish you gave.

“Listened before I went to Jordan for my summer vacation I read all the course I took with you, every single person I meet first thing to say POSITIVE ENERGY I can't thank you enough for great opportunity to find myself again.”
Linaa Wadallah
“I was very impressed by the improvisation techniques taught to us at the master class. We learned how to use visual aids correctly. This is something I would not have expected at a public speaking class but I was pleasantly surprised.
Alanoud A. Madhi

Online Public Speaking & Presenting Masterclass

I have spent 3 years working on the course outline to ensure every single student leaves a more confident speaker.

About the Facilitator


Shereen Mitwalli is an Egyptian – Australian born and raised Presenter and Entrepreneur. Shereen is formally trained in TV & Live Presenting from ‘The Sydney Academy Film & Television’ in Australia and the prestigious ‘New York Film Academy’ in Los Angeles.

Shereen’s expertise, professionalism, and charismatic personality are only a few of the traits that have made her the No. 1 choice in the UAE & Middle East region. Renowned businesses & brands have loyally made Shereen their preferred choice for various engagements from speaking on stage to brand representation.

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Online Public Speaking & Presenting Masterclass