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You Can Succeed In Anything If You Know How to Effectively Communicate.

— Shereen Mitwalli

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Shereen Mitwalli is an Egyptian – Australian born and raised Presenter and Entrepreneur. Shereen is formally trained in TV & Live Presenting from ‘The Sydney Academy Film & Television’ in Australia and the prestigious ‘New York Film Academy’ in Los Angeles.

Shereen’s expertise, professionalism, and charismatic personality are only a few of the traits that have made her the No. 1 choice in the UAE & Middle East region. Renowned businesses & brands have loyally made Shereen their preferred choice for various engagements from speaking on stage to brand representation.

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I Have Spent 3 Years Working On the Course Outline to Ensure Every Single Student Leaves a More Confident Speaker.

— Shereen Mitwalli

Online Public Speaking and Presenting Course

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All The Great Speakers Were Bad Speakers at First.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Online Public Speaking and Presenting Course

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Your Words Can Make You Rich.

—Dr. Donald Moine
Throughout the class we were made to come up on stage and present several times. This kept us on our toes. Shereen’s positivity and passion for the subject was infectious and charged us up completely. One key lesson I have learned is that all types of speaking is public speaking and that I should treat it like a conversation.
Madonna Kobayssi
I can't express how grateful I am. I woke up with a refreshed mind and a clear vision for the future. This Masterclass was beyond my expectations, it was totally worth it fly in all the way from Amsterdam. The setting of the class was amazing. I love the fact that each of us got the chance to be coached personally by Shereen and I could really feel how much you cared about each one of us. You made me realize how important it is to #beheard I look and feel way different on the stage now.. I simply enjoy it!
Loved it! Packed with more content that I could ask for along with tremendous engagement. The action points are constantly at the back of my mind in everything that I do.

There Are Always Three Speeches, For Every One You Actually Gave.
The One You Practiced,
The One You Gave, And
The One You Wish You Gave.

— Dale Carnegie

Online Public Speaking and Presenting Course

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“A life changing masterclass. So honoured to have been part of it. You think you know enough and then something like this comes along and completely changes your view of even the way you speak, stand and confidence.”

Siji Shujahi


Listened before I went to Jordan for my summer vacation I read all the course I took with you, every single person I meet first thing to say POSITIVE ENERGY I can't thank you enough for great opportunity to find myself again.
Linaa Wadallah
I have learned so much throughout the two days. I enjoyed the NLP module and would love to study it ahead on a more advanced level. However my favourite exercises were the ones that focused on eliminating my limiting beliefs and helped me push my self towards achieving my goals. Nothing seems impossible now!
Komal Chhatwani
Talent Manager
I was very impressed by the improvisation techniques taught to us at the master class. We learned how to use visual aids correctly. This is something I would not have expected at a public speaking class but I was pleasantly surprised. The emphasis on introducing and ending a speech correctly is a lesson I am going to keep with me always.
Alanoud A. Madhi